NFL Snap

NFL Snap

The NFL Is the First Sports League to Get a Snapchat Discover Channel

By: Bailey Cohen

Have you ever wondered what your favorite NFL players are doing or how they stay in such great shape? Now with the new NFL Snapchat Discover Channel, fans have the opportunity to see their favorite teams in a whole new light.

Kicking off this season, NFL Media will ramp up their social presence and fans can enjoy custom art filters, geotags, stories, photos and videos produced specifically for Snapchat. Fans can now connect with their favorite teams on a completely different level.

According to Christopher Heine, “The NFL’s daily presence on Snapchat should allow the league to connect with millennials in new ways.” Not only will the NFL be connecting with Snapchat, but they also landed a ten game deal with Twitter live stream. Get ready to experience football in a new way this season!

Read more about it here: ADWEEK

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