Going Mobile

Going Mobile

Emerging Marketing Strategy Pays Off for Pinnacle’s Peter Gary

By Arnie Rosenberg | Photography by Larry Wood

For Peter Gary, it’s all about developing expertise, then leveraging it for success. In about 2006, he began seeing possibilities for mobile technology. “I began looking at different ways to market through the internet, not only how people would be doing it, but also what devices they were going to be using. People were carrying a lot more devices they could interact with,” he says.  

When marketers remained skeptical, worrying that mobile was too intrusive, Gary embraced it.

He started a company called Mobile Engage – just 15 employees doing about $18 million in business – that allowed him to open people’s eyes. In 2006-07, when advertising dollars were shrinking quickly, Gary was offering clients his digital expertise, and the same return they already were getting at a fraction of what they already were spending.

His knowledge in what was a relatively new field landed him on the board of the Mobile Marketing Association, and, ultimately, to found Pinnacle Marketing and Advertising Group in 2010.

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