Stacey Rosen, VP of Sales

An accomplished leader with an extensive background in account management, marketing and sales, Stacey has a breadth of experience in a variety of verticals; ranging from the automotive industry to the medical field. A University of Florida graduate, Stacey’s account experience on the agency side, coupled with her experience as a higher-up on the client-side, has given her a well-rounded understanding of the inner workings of the advertising world. Stacey is a seasoned, detail-oriented team player who prides herself on knowing the value of not only working hard, but working smart. As a Senior Account Manager, she developed best practices and e-learning tools to increase sales and market share for Coca Cola’s international operations. She later went on to lead corporate initiatives with executive members of top health systems and GPO’s as the VP of Corporate Accounts. Stacey’s track record of client success in both traditional and digital mediums gives her the confidence to structure strategic marketing plans guaranteed to move the needle for her clients.