21% Sales Growth YOY

When the #1 Lexus dealer in the world for over 20 consecutive years taps you to head up their marketing, you know their goal isn’t just to stay #1, but to grow the lead. In our first year with JM Lexus, they not only held that coveted #1 spot, but we helped them grow their business by 21%


12% Sales Growth YOY

The Central Florida Acura Dealers asked Pinnacle, “What does digital offer that traditional does not, and how can we best allocate our dollars in that space?”

Pinnacle’s answer was to create a highly targeted digital media buy based on extremely granular audience segmentation and programmatic targeting using data from Oracle and Pandora. This buy, aided by Pinnacle’s close relationships with these two digital powerhouses, helped secure a 12% growth for Central Florida Acura in our first year.


39% Sales Growth YOY*Average over 6 years

When the South Florida Hyundai Dealers Association tapped Pinnacle to help lead their charge as one of the fastest growing automotive brands in the country, Pinnacle went straight to work; using a strategic approach involving complete dealer engagement, consistent advertising, strong, targeted Hispanic creative, and by continually capitalizing on niche opportunities.  During the time Pinnacle represented them, from 2009 to 2016, Hyundai South Florida experienced 236% in sales growth, and Pinnacle had helped them cement themselves as the #1 Hyundai Dealer Association in the nation.


77% Improvement in CPA

Modernizing Medicine approached Pinnacle with the question, “How do we tell if our SEM campaigns are being managed correctly and driving ROI?” Pinnacle started with a thorough clean up and re-building of keywords, ad creative, landing pages, and bid strategy. Next, conversion metrics were put in place and tied to SugarCRM – which allowed a revenue model to be derived based on closing rates. Upon completion of optimization, Pinnacle drove a 225% increase in low funnel leads. The cost per acquisition (closed sale) was driven down 77% in 8 months.


25.9% Increase in Return on Ad Spend

Ponte Vedra Resorts tasked Pinnacle with rebranding their two resorts – specifically, giving them a more modern look and feel, as well as some needed brand consistency.  We were also tasked with increasing their revenue by targeting potential guests for leisure and group business, as well as increasing guest returns. Pinnacle executed architectural and lifestyle photoshoots, redesigns of print ads, emails, collateral and banner ads, executed comprehensive digital and print media plans, and a public relations strategy that resulted in a 55% increase in hotel revenue YOY.