It’s Not What You Say; it’s How You Say it

It’s Not What You Say; it’s How You Say it – Pinnacle Breaks Down How Consumers Want Their Advertisements.

By : Samantha Schaum

Despite the disdain commonly associated with advertising, people don’t really hate ads. Just take the Super Bowl, for example. We’re all watching to see the hysterical spot Taco Bell has come up with so we can talk about it at work the next day. In fact, Venables Bell & Partners, a San Francisco ad agency, found that 78% of Americans look forward to Super Bowl commercials more than the game itself.

MarketingSherpa, a marketing research firm, found that only 8% of people do not want to receive marketing. Of course the majority wants to receive some marketing. How else would we find out that our favorite clothing store is offering 50% off all clearance or that the best restaurant in town is showcasing free live music every Friday night?

It’s not the ad itself that irks consumers; it’s the way it is delivered. People don’t want to receive a daily barrage of overhyped products, no matter how incredible they may be. Here are some ways to get your customers excited about your company:



Top 4 Ways to Reach Your Customers


  1. Go old school

According to MarketingSherpa, 54% of people said they prefer to receive updates and promotions via snail mail. These days, everything from newspapers to magazines have gone digital, so there’s something exciting about receiving a tangible letter in the mailbox. If you really want to reach customers, dust off your stamps and get out your address book.

  1.  Be Eco-Friendly

Not too surprisingly, 49% of customers prefer to receive emails at a frequency of their choosing. Compare that to only 24% who subscribe to receive emails at a frequency chosen by the company. That’s exactly half as many happy customers! While it doesn’t sound like a lot, receiving an email twice a week from the same company can really overwhelm a lot of people. By letting customers choose between a weekly, biweekly, or even a monthly promotional email, companies lower the risk of having their customers unsubscribe from their email list altogether. Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content at MarketingSherpa, said “This may be somewhat surprising to some, as when mobile marketing is talked about, email is sometimes not included. Buzzier topics like location-based marketing—iOS iBeacon, for example—and apps tend to get the most attention.”

  1. Pretty Up Your Web Page

A whopping 38% of consumers will visit a company’s website when they want to learn about promotions and news updates. Again, we see that the freedom of choice prevails. We are in the age of “on demand” and that means that consumers will look for you where they want and when they want. Keep your company’s website user-friendly and updated to appeal to this group. Also, the importance of using search engine optimization (SEO) cannot be stressed enough. If you’re going to spend the time and money to make your web page look amazing, you might as well do everything you can to increase the number of people viewing it.

  1. Hop on the Social Media Bandwagon

Finally, 20% of people prefer to learn about offers through social media websites; and this number is only going up. Social Media King and founder of “Flavor God,” Chris Wallace 1has created a multi-million dollar company selling all natural seasonings. His main method of marketing? Instagram. Every day, Wallace posts promotions, recipes and new products for his 2.1 million followers. Social Media marketing is the fastest increasing method of digital marketing. Consistently updating sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is vital to helping a company reach its customers on a more personal level.

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