Glen Calder, PR Director

Born into the media world, his father was Editor and President of The National Enquirer for over 30 years and has been heralded as one of the most influential journalists of our time. Glen began his career as a journalist producing segments for the Geraldo Rivera Show, the highly rated iconic TV talk show. He was quickly recruited by King World Productions and began producing stories for both Inside Edition and American Journal, where he created segments for national television. Glen entered the PR world in 1996, establishing himself as one of the country’s outstanding publicists and quickly became President of a Boca Raton firm and help build them into the largest independent PR firm in Palm Beach County. In 2014, Glen joined the powerhouse Pinnacle Marketing Group to run their public relations division.  His national campaigns have been touted by the industry publication PR Week on multiple occasions.  Regardless of the industry of the client, Glen has been able to generate powerful media coverage and standout crisis management. 


“Because I was on the other side dealing with PR people, I do things differently than the others. Most will send out press releases and hope they get picked up… I call that lazy PR. I want my clients to provide value and have relationships with the media, so that it’s not just a story one time, but multiple times. I’m all about helping the journalist tell the best possible story. I can understand the visual elements of a story and I speak their language,” Glen Calder