Seminole City Center

Seminole City Center will open in 2016 and will be the premier shopping, dining and entertainment destination for all of Pinellas County. Pinnacle Advertising and Marketing has taken on the task of designing and building a website that reflects the "experience" you can find at Seminole City Center.

Drive Revolve

A totally new concept in car ownership. Through social media marketing we have generated hundreds of leads consistently every month for interested automotive enthusiasts who are looking to drive all the premium vehicles they can get their hands on.

Lang Realty

Lang Realty is in one of the hottest - and most competitive - real estate markets in South Florida. The digital search competition is fierce, but that's why they hired Pinnacle. Within 60 days, we had them flying high over all other real estate companies in organic search, saving them over $5000 per month on their PPC campaigns.

Búho Cigars

Pinnacle Advertising re-created an entire brand of cigars by utilizing the national bird of the Dominican Republic: The Owl (bú-ho)

Farmer's Table

Sit Down and enjoy Boca Raton's premier farm-to-table restaurant's sumptuous and healthy selections. Check out the Pinnacle designed website, as well as the new and improved menus, and all other creative.

JM Lexus

When the #1 Lexus dealer in the world was looking for an agency, the search ended at Pinnacle. We have grown JM's already dominant position through branding, a new jingle, and fresh creative. Take a look!

Florida Atlantic University

The athletic department at FAU needed a fresh take on their Sports Marketing Programs. Pinnacle's decades of experience in the Sports Marketing arena was a perfect fit. From Social Media to traditional Out-door advertising, Pinnacle does it all.

Braman Miami

Braman Miami & Braman Motors have always expected the best from their agency of record. That's why they chose Pinnacle Advertising & Marketing Group.