Walmart Encourages Ecommerce Sales

It’s no surprise that consumers have been continuing to increase their expectations in terms of how they receive their products. Thinking back ten years, the technology was not nearly as advanced [...]

Wearable Technology is Getting Smaller, Literally

To start off, what is wearable technology? Also known as wearable gadgets, wearable technology are devices that can be worn by consumers and often include tracking information. The function of [...]

Facebook’s new plan to combat “revenge porn”

This is our social Media Directors take on facebook’s new plan to combat “revenge porn”. “Don’t put anything out on social media you wouldn’t feel comfortable putting on a billboard next to a [...]

NFL Snap

NFL Snap The NFL Is the First Sports League to Get a Snapchat Discover Channel By: Bailey Cohen Have you ever wondered what your favorite NFL players are doing or how they stay in such great [...]

Going Mobile

Going Mobile Emerging Marketing Strategy Pays Off for Pinnacle’s Peter Gary By Arnie Rosenberg | Photography by Larry Wood For Peter Gary, it’s all about developing expertise, then leveraging it [...]

A Day in the Life of a PR Intern: The Beginning

My name is Hali  and I am a Public Relations intern here at Pinnacle Advertising and Marketing Group. I am majoring in Public Relations at Florida State University (Go Noles)! I was surprised I [...]

Boca Ballroom Battle

Advertising Exec Peter Gary Dances for Charity As most of you know, I feel very strongly about getting involved and giving back to our great community. I’m honored to be a part of this incredible [...]

Peter Gary on starting his own firm

The U.S. Marine Corps veteran went from club bouncer to leading car dealer. Then, six months after his father died, his car was struck by a drunk driver and he was laid up with serious injuries [...]

Black Friday Mobile Shopping was Record Breaking

Black Friday is a day both beloved and dreaded by Americans across the country, but this year it became scores less painful for millions of smart shoppers. On November 27th, millions of consumers [...]

Virtual Reality Ads Give Brands a New Way to Stand Out

This September, Facebook developed a video creation tool that is allowing brands to tell their stories in whole new way. These videos are created with a high-definition camera system that records [...]

It’s Not What You Say; it’s How You Say it

It’s Not What You Say; it’s How You Say it – Pinnacle Breaks Down How Consumers Want Their Advertisements. By : Samantha Schaum Despite the disdain commonly associated with advertising, [...]

Programmatic Advertising Continues Growth

The market dominance of Programmatic Advertising has been rapidly growing over the past couple of years and appears to be on the verge of critical mass. Programmatic ads automate where and how [...]

Mobile Content Blocking: Our Thoughts

Ad blocking has made its way to mobile platforms, and is growing in popularity. Apple released IOS9 earlier this month, and among the new improvements and features was an unexpected addition: [...]

Google forms Alphabet, but what does it mean for Digital Marketers?

The short answer? Not much. In a blog post on Monday, Larry Page outlined why Google was forming a new parent company with the following: “Alphabet is mostly a collection of companies. The [...]

Hootsuite Adds Instagram Scheduling Feature

By: Elisa Price   Dear Instagram and Hootsuite, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Love, Social Media Professionals All Over The World This is the day we have all been waiting for: [...]

Facebook Unveils Plans for New Ad Formats

By: Elisa Press Mobile ad spending in America is projected to reach over $28 billion dollars this year. Facebook, in particular, generates nearly 95 percent of its revenue directly through [...]

Instagram Adds Real-Time Trending and Location Search Features

By: Elisa Press Instagram adds real-time trending and location search features. This new update that will allow users to explore real-time trending locations and hashtags making it easier to [...]

Facebook Algorithm Changes Again!

The Facebook algorithm is changing again. This update is actually very interesting, and EXCELLENT news for businesses. Facebook will begin scoring posts that you spend more time looking at [...]

Facebook adds Deep-Linking – Google adds vertical specific ads

It’s been a wild week in the digital marketing space (and what week isn’t?!). Platform updates are underway as we start May. Here’s a rundown: Google Adwords Yesterday, Google [...]

What does the April 21st Google Algorithm Shift mean to your business?

Is mobilegeddon upon us? Google has done us all a favor this time around, and announced ahead of time when their next algorithm shift is taking place as well as what it will entail. . . well, [...]

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