Brian Lenihan, Chief Digital Officer
Brian Lenihan

With over 14 years in the digital media space, Brian Lenihan wields comprehensive knowledge of the digital media landscape. Whether it is SEM, Native Advertising, Pandora, Spotify, Hulu, Youtube, LinkedIn or any other media outlet, his unique ability to approach any system from multiple perspectives and thoroughly understand the logistics, process and results sets him apart when it comes to digital strategy and execution.

Whether the system in question is a multi-channel branding plan, the technical structure of a web platform, Google’s SEO weighting algorithm, or what it takes to build a mobile application; his background in Computer Science and Business allows him to asses both the logical and creative facets of any project accurately.

Brian tenaciously pursues the envelope of what’s possible where business and technology meet, making him the ideal strategist for businesses pursuing aggressive growth via digital platforms. He excels at quickly becoming comfortable working in the context of any emerging system and demonstrating it’s capabilities to benefit the business or client.

Brian loves playing and watching hockey, and can hold his own on the office foosball table.